Who is Peacetu?

PEACETU is the Brazilian street artist Rodrigo V. Lisboa. Born in ’77 in the tropical cacao town of Ilhéus, Bahia, drawing was a big part of his childhood. Amongst a lot of things he adored to decorate the city park benches in front of his grandparents house.

Moving to Brazil´s third largest city Salvador in ’91, Rodrigo soon started to explore graffiti art. Eventually he developed his personal aestetic of abstract forms and strokes using vibrant colours. He soon got known as PEACETU from the Turbilhão Urbano crew (Urban Whirlwind crew), and is considered the pioneer of the graffiti scene in Bahia in the 90´s.

Rodrigo has an impressive sense of colours, and has an extensive experience as artistic leader for children and young people in both Brazil and Norway, where he now lives.  

As an artist, he has explored his style in various fields, from working on big durable walls, to canvas and sculptures, and has exposed his work in several exhibitions (Brazil, Norway, France and New York). 

For requests and questions please feel free to e-mail

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